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The Second International exhibition of Renewable energy in Estonia GREENEXPO 2023

12. – 14.10.2023

GREENEXPO Project is international exhibitions, conferences, forums.

GREENEXPO 2023 — professional solutions

The Second International exhibition of Renewable energy in Estonia – GREENEXPO 2023 – “green line of life”

EESTI Näituste Exhibition Center organizes an unforgettable event with unique format and significance – the International Renewable Energy Exhibition – GREENEXPO 2023!

Companies and individuals from Northern Europe and other countries will present their ideas at the exhibition. It’s their noble work and firm faith that create the present and future of mankind.

The event will be attended by well-known politicians, active world leaders of “Green” energy, guests and participants from all over the world who are not indifferent to our near future and present.

Warm and friendly atmosphere of the event from 12 to 14.10.2023 will be noted for format of a video conference where famous people in the field of renewable energy will speak to the public. Music and dance groups will create the main show of the event.

Main participating countries: Czech Republic, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland (The list of countries will be updated)

1. Electric transport and electric vehicles

  • Electric buses;
  • Electric vehicles;
  • Electric cars for various purposes;
  • Personal mobile electric vehicles (electric scooters, kick scooters, bicycles and water scooters);
  • Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

2. Wind power and hydropower

  • Service enterprises;
  • Project planning and development;
  • Equipment and component suppliers;
  • New materials, composite materials, raw and other materials and their processing, installation; operation and maintenance;
  • Accumulation and storage of energy;
  • Hydropower: small, tidal, wave, osmotic and everything related to hydropower.

3. Solar energy

  • Solar cells and modules, components;
  • Installation systems and equipment;
  • Sun tracking systems (trackers);
  • Technologies, equipment, raw materials for the production of solar panels, modules and films;
  • Integrated systems for buildings and structures;
  • Software;
  • Solar collectors and installations;
  • Heat pumps.

4. Bioenergy

  • Geothermal energy;
  • Solid waste as a renewable energy source;
  • Sorting of household waste;
  • Waste incineration as a way to obtain energy resources;
  • Pyrolysis (low temperature and high temperature);
  • Network infrastructure and solutions for the integration of renewable energy sources;
  • Biogas and solid fuels.

5. Information technology, equipment

  • Special means and equipment,
  • Latest developments;
  • Security solutions and services;
  • Renewable energy solutions.

6. Green products and services

  • Products from recycled materials;
  • Natural products;
  • Ecological building;
  • Financial institutions that promote Green Energy in their portfolio;
  • Investment funds;
  • Insurance companies.