in the pavilion HALL «B», Eesti Näituste, Tallinn, Estonia

GREEN Line of Life

The GREEN Line of Life conference will feature professional speakers who will demonstrate and share key advances in the field of renewable energy.

The main goal of the GREEN Line of Life conference is to provide all participants with the opportunity to personally share their ideas and experiences with their colleagues.

In addition, these meetings will help industry leaders establish research or business relationships, as well as find international connections for future collaborations in their careers. We hope that the results will lead to a significant contribution to the knowledge base in modern scientific fields.

The GREEN Line of Life Conference will provide a unique opportunity to discuss the following areas:

  • Accelerated Deployment of Autonomous Renewable Systems
  • What is the industry support policy in the modern world
  • What are the renewable energy financing schemes
  • What innovative business models and technologies exist
  • We will also learn how off-grid renewable energy sources can make a positive contribution to improving livelihoods and providing much-needed energy to power critical services in social infrastructure related to agribusiness, food, water, education, medicine.

In addition to the conference and exhibition, we offer, together with the participants of the event, on a regular basis, to create a unique platform for updating professional relationships and live interaction with leaders in the renewable energy industry and professional experts.

The mission of the GREENEXPO 2022 event is to combine the various technologies that make up the combination of renewable energy sources and create a powerful tool for actively promoting renewable energy in the European market.

Discover the latest and most innovative products, services and technologies in the field of renewable energy, which will appear at the most anticipated exhibition of the year in Estonia – GREENEXPO 2022!

Let's make the world a better place!
The cost of attending the conference is included in the cost of attending GREENEXPO 2022.

Conference "GREEN line of life"

Time of the event 14.10.2022 from 11:00 to 16:15

Time Topics Speaker
11:00-11:30 Solar energy and the electricity market situation Hendrik Hundt/Rexplorer
11:45 - 12:15 Kas 2035 aastal lõpeb sisepõlemismootoritega autode finantseerimine ja mis hakkab juhtuma edasi? Rein Karofeld/SEB liisingu juht
12:30-13:00 Energy consumption management Futugrid Technologies OÜ
13:00-13:30 Coffee pause
13:45-14:15 Ecological Building 1MOODUL OÜ

If you are an expert on topics from this list and would like to share your knowledge and experience, please contact us at